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4 mēnešu dzīves 10 bildēs no Bego

4 mēnešu dzīves 10 bildēs no Bego


My name is Bego, I am a volunteer in Latvia from Spain and I want to show you my amazing experience in Latvia in 12 pictures! I hope you enjoy and feel Latvia like me!

bego Im working and living in Nica with Gabri, we have a really cute flat and we try to work for Nica comunity,  in the young center, kindergarten, music school, school, high school….







bego2I take the bus to enjoy the wonderul atmosfere of Liepaja to enjoy with my friends and to go to Latvian lessons, thank you Liga and Zigis.







bego3 bego4 I work and live with Gabri, I love this half German half Italian guay, we have lot of      fun together and we discover Latvia and Baltic Countries together, all together!!! Our  hosting organisation is Nicas Jauniesu Centrs and we work with this amazing group  of people






bego9 bego10    bego8


bego5 bego6 bego7


I make lot of friends and I travel a lot….Dublin, Vilnius, Riga, Tallin, Helsinki, Klaipeda….to be continued!!

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