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eu_flag_progryia_lv-01About 2 months ago I came from Germany to Latvia, concretely to Liepaja. 2 months full of experience and great moments, I already don’t want to miss.

At first I should let you know, that I have already been to Liepaja before my EVS, because I took part in an exchange program from my former school. That trip took about 10 days, but neither them, nor 2 little visits to my exchange student were enough for me to get to know the latvian culture and experience it as much as I wanted. I wanted to stay longer. So I was looking for an opportunity and found the EVS. For me it seemed to be the perfect solution to combine my wish to work socially with my curiosness about Latvia. That I even got the project at Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi in Liepaja made my luck complete.

Well, mainly I am working at Karosta Kids – a center for children and youth from social risk families. There I just spend time with the children, who always come there after school. On Tuesdays we also have some kind of bible lessons, where we talk about different topics or even problems the youngsters have. I really enjoy the time there and felt welcome from day one. Sometimes – especially in the beginning – it was hard to communicate with the children, because they were really shy when it came to speak english. That’s why most of them avoided talking to me at all. But I got told, that it was normal and I should just keep going. Even greater it is now to see how they got used to me and most of the games simply work without language 😉
Besides working there, of course I help with the saturday-activites in Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi. For example we had a German evening, where I was telling the kids about my homecountry.
What I really appreciate is the support I get in both working places. Until now I did not have really serious problems, but as far as I got to know everyone, I am sure i can expect help from all sides. That is one of the things I love about Latvia – the kindness to (almost) everyone.

To sum it all up, I am absolutely confident with everything around me! I already feel home after these 2 months and did not miss Germany at all. There are still 7 more months to go for me, in which I want to travel a lot and where I probably have to face some challenges, but I really can’t wait and I am looking forward to every single day! J

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