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Emešas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Emešas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

I am here, in Liepaja for 1 month as an EVS volunteer. Our task is organizing free time activities for kids. I really like to be here, in Latvia, because I am amazed by the country, the seaside, the kindness of the locals and our mentors. My colleagues are colourful people from different countries, but it was very easy to find the common point with them. I am lucky, because I can declare, that me colleagues are my friends too: we work, live, go for trips, hang out, work out together. We have already discovered some parts of the Latvia, and I always have a feeling, that I am like at home, in Hungary; our countries are so far from each other, but I have found many common points in our history and habits, so I do not feel homesickness. Being with the kids is an everyday challange, but due to the love, they have given me, I got motivation to start another, long-term program. I really offer everybody to come to Liepaja: fun and adventure is guaranteed!


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