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Gabriels EVS in Latvia

Gabriels EVS in Latvia

September 2014:

After I was accepted for an EVS in Latvia I was really excited to go and in the same time really happy. I had approx. 4 Weeks to say goodbye and prepare myself for 8 Months in another country.

October 2014:
I arrived at the first day of this month. I got first possibilities to see a little bit of Riga and meet some of the volunteers I will spend my next time together with them.
In the same week I got to know my working place and also the people I will work together.
One week later arrived my working and living mate Bego from Spain. We have a good connection together since the first day.  During the month we got a lot of first impressions about Latvia, Nica and Liepaja. We had our first Latvian lessons and we went one weekend to Riga to see the city.

November 2014:
We already arranged a really good community together with the volunteers in Liepaja. So we celebrated Begos Birthday together. One week later we had our On-Arrival-Training in cesis. We met volunteers from other places all around Latvia. We also learned how to deal with an EVS, e.g. when you have problems and how to solve them and a lot of more things which are really usefull for our EVS. We also traveled for one Weekend to Vilnius in Lithuania, what is a really beautiful city. I really give my advice to visit Vilnius. Also all 3 capitals of the Baltic countries. In the end of the month we visited new friends in Tukums (a city in Latvia) which have a really cool place to stay.

December 2014:
The first two months where a little bit chaotic in our work. But now we arranged our activities and put them in a plan. Now we are going to several different places, e.g. Highschool, Youth centre, Kindergarten and Musicschool . December was also the Month of going home and visit the family. I invited Givanna (Liepajas volunteer) to visit me in my home. I showed her my favorite places in Germany and I also showed her a little bit of our culture and what we are doing in our Free time. I also went with her to the mountains in Austria what is a cat jump far from my home.

January 2015:
A new year far from home began. The volunteers came back from their home. And we go back to work. In this month we fixed a lot of new Ideas in the youth centre. We also travelled again, this time we went to Dublin. Maybe you will ask: Why Dublin, it’s so far from Latvia? That’s true but the flight tickets from Riga are really cheap and we found a good offer. We also went to Dublin because Bego lived there as an Aupair for one year. This was a good possibility for us to see more of this amazing city.

February 2015:
It is already end of February and 5 month of our EVS are gone. In this month we had our Mid-Term-Training in Riga. We got to know a couple of other volunteers from Latvia and we learned a lot of about e.g. motivation in our EVS and we also got new inspiration for our projects. Directly after the Training we took holidays and travelled to Tallinn which is the capital of Estonia. This city is quiet small but the old town is really beautiful. In the last day of our Tallinn trip we went to the harbor and decided spontainly to go by fairy to Helsinki (The capital of Finland). So we had quite amazing days this month.


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