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Gemas iespaidi pēc piektā mēneša Latvijā

Gemas iespaidi pēc piektā mēneša Latvijā

I can not believe how time flies because it is already my 5th month here in Liepaja, Latvia.

I have a strange feeling trying to write something about my time here, time is flying but it seems like I’ve been here long time ago. A lot of things and changes happened in these months.

We are going to different schools in Liepaja for practical english lessons and at the same time trying to promote our organization, we started with our saturday activities, trying to make the teenagers and youth from Liepaja more active, we still with the kindergarden every afternoon, enjoy the time with our kids, playing, improving our latvian and also teaching funny songs in english and spanish. Givanna and me started in october the spanish lessons, one of the best moments in the week. Our pupils are learning so fast and I am really proud of my half Latvian- Spanish. We already did our international evenings in Karosta and Nica, was a really great days in this two youth centers and trying to taste the delicious spanish food,

At the same during these months we met a lot of people, in november we went to cesis for our on arrival training and was an amazing time for all of us. We share our short experience with volunteers from all around Europe and we create a great atmosphere and friendship between us.

In december I had time to come back home for some days and spent christmas with my family. I spent a really incredible time with my spanish people and after that it was a sad moment to say goodbye again until september.

After come back to Latvia again the snow appears and I felt a little bit of Latvian winter (enough for a spanish girl) and the days become longer because of the weather, I started with my daily routine again, with our schools kindergardents…..

During these months we also had time to travel a little bit around Latvia and even far from Latvians borders. We were in Riga several times, in Tukums for met with the other volunteers, in Dublin, Vilnius, Helsinki, Tallin… and of course, more is coming.

Besides the up and downs for be far from my confort zone, far from my family, friends my country… I am really happy to be here, I am having a really good experience, learning a lot from my work, with the kids, learning latvian language, discovering latvia and baltic countries, travelling a lot, living with people from all around the world, making friends.. Of course I have 6 more months left but spring is coming so it will be even better 🙂


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