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Gemas no Spānijas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

indexThe adventure started on 30th of September at 23:00 in my city Santiago de Compostela, Spain, saying goodbye to my family and friends and taking a flight to London. After a long night “sleeping” at the airport I arrived in Latvia 1st of october in the morning.
I spent a great first day waiting for other volunteers and trying to meet each other a little bit more. Next day the boss came to pick up us and that day started the really adventure. We arrived in Liepaja, we saw our “beautiful” bulding we got surprise when we saw the flat and in a few minutes we started to discovered Liepaja and the beautiful beach.

My first days were really great, I enjoyed discovering the city with ours mentors, I already know a little bit my flatmates and we spend a really good time all together and planning a lot of things for do all together. I also know what I need to do in my work for the next 11 months and I really excited.

I really hope that this time will be amazing for me and I want to learn a lot from this experience.

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