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Givannas neaizmirstamās sajūtas un pieredze

Givannas neaizmirstamās sajūtas un pieredze

I arrived to Latvia eight month ago. Since that, everything have changed a lot. Summer was the best experience of my life until now (and I never get tired of saying this). But I am still living and an unforgetable experience…

I am going to some different schools to practice English with the students, to give them the opportunity to talk in English with foreigners (I mean, I am not a professional teacher, of course not, I am learning at the same time, so It’s an opportunity for both sides). I am also going to kindergardens, and I could say that is the sweetest moment of the day. Maybe I am not the best person to teach something, but I can give all my love for those children who make my day every time I see them. In some way, I need them to keep with the ilusion and the excitment to continue here.

Sometimes we help to organize different events and we are attending to Latvian lessons (by the way, IT’S SO HARD! But I am trying to do my best :D). I am improving my guitar skills, which I love, but maybe my flatmates don’t love it as much as me .

How I spend my holidays?? I went to Germany for Christmas to spend this holidays with one of the German volunteers with whom I am sharing this beautiful time. It was amazing. I learnt German traditions, for example: Did you now that.. in Christmas, if you go to a friend house, for example, when you arrive to the house, and you say ”WHAT A WONDERFUL TREE!”, that means that you want something to drink and they need to give you something. I think is really funny, and I loved seeing Gabriel saying that everytime we went to visit some of his friends

I remember the first article I wrote. I said ”I came back to Latvia because I need to know more about this country and I need to feel part of it. I want to be a bit Latvian”. Nowadays, I can say that I am doing great, step by step, I think I can be one more Latvian. Even if this country already has a huge part of my heart.

I don’t know what will happen after this time, but big changes are coming…
To be continued…
Hugs and love,

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