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Jaunā brīvprātīgā Rey pirmās atziņas

Jaunā brīvprātīgā Rey pirmās atziņas

Hello my name is Rey. I am from Peru. I am a volunteer, I will stay in Latvia for a year.

Well I arrive to Latvia on February 4, the first thing that I looked for when I arrived to Riga was the snow, never in my life I had seen the snow, because Peru is very hot approximately 35 degrees Celsius.

My first night in liepāja was very funny because I met my flatmates. They are good friends. I feel very well because they help me in all.

Liepāja is very beautiful and is totally different that Peru, the weather, the houses, the architecture of the streets all is amazing.

In the second week I started to work, I like my work, I like work with kids and teenagers, when I go to schools the guys look at me of course is for that I am very different here but this is not a problem for me.

That’s all my experience for the moment in Liepāja – Latvia.

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