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Maķedoniešu brīvprātīgās Draganas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Maķedoniešu brīvprātīgās Draganas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

My third week in Latvia is passing and I am finally getting used to everything, especially the weather. At first it was strange and weird but after meeting and talking with people the live here, visiting places and walking down the town I realized here is much to see, visit and enjoy. I am not forgetting the sea and beautiful beach and sunset always inspirational and calm.

People are polite and friendly, they want to help when we ask for some.  I was surprised when me and my colleagues were at the University and the professors and students there welcomed us really nice and warm. They talked a lot and introduced us with the positive and negative sides from living in Latvia.

Also the kids that we are working with are creative and full of energy. I thought it’s going to be hard job because we don’t know the language but most of the students speak English and it’s great that we can communicate easily

Personally I found out why my favorite authors Chekhov and Bergman wrote the way they did that. They are from this area and at first it was hard to imagine the energy and atmosphere they made art about but now it’s totally clear.

And the sweets are too good.

You see it’s not hard to get used to this kind of living except sometimes I have to run for the tram.


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