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Mid-term meeting

From the 20th till the 22nd of May was my mid-term meeting. It was under the topic „Pavasara spēka sauciens“ in Umuri.

We were 18 volunteers from all around Latvia. They came from Spain, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Our trainers were Baiba and Valters, who also did EVS themselves years ago. Valters even went back to Romania after it to work in that organisation.

The place were we stayed was really nice… in the middle of nowhere in a wooden house but with the daugava passsing by. 😉

In the first day we played some getting to know games and Mission Impossible after which we really could say that we grew together as one group.

Afterwards we needed to take the role of our mentor and speak in this role in a „TV show“ about our EVS volunteer, so about ourselves.

For the evening was a campfire planned but the weather forced us to change the plan, so that we had in the end just a small barbecue.

In the second day was time to reflect our EVS until now… what we did, what we didn’t do and what we still want to do…. Therefore we first made a picture, collage, diagram, plastique or whatsoever which was symbolising for us our EVS. And of course we got afterwards together in smaller groups to speak about it.

In the evening was open space. We could do whatever we felt that we want or need to do. Some of us got together and played several games like tabu (guessing popular people), werewolf and psychotrist. That was really fun and I guess that all really enjoyed that relaxed and fun time together. It was also some part of games exchange as not everybody knew all those games and learned new ones.

The last day was about Youthpass and what we can do after our EVS with all our experiences here.

Therefore we were divided in small groups and every group got some part of our „body“ like heart, arm, leg and head. Then every groupd needed to think and discuss about what we can do with that part after our EVS related to our EVS experience. Afterwards every group presented their thoughts in some visual way. Every group had a really interesting outcome and it was really interesting to see all those small performances.

In this last day some journalists showed also up  for a newspaper article recherche.

This three days were so fast gone… it was already time to leave Umuri and drive all together back to Riga where everybody went back to his city and project…

It was a really nice time in the midterm meeting… meeting so many different people, reflecting our EVS experience, learning new energizers and games and of course just exchanging  all our experiences with everyone. 🙂

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  1. Amaly Paredes - 06.11.2013

    I´m an American volunteer from Honduras, and it;s been already more than a month´s time since I,ve been in Latvia and working with the children and youth..Last week was insanely fun with children, we had a holiday week planned for them with icebreakers and teambuilders also learning at the same time with a topic that we volunteers proposed, that was called ¨Around the World¨, teachign them about different cultures and traditions around the globe. I believe our approach was based on the fact that the role of imagination in learning is essential for the development of creative and analytical thinking, that engaged on teambuilder games that they had to team up to look for the best solution to the problem. This educational approach is aimed at providing an environment where young people can develop free thinking, which can be a basis for developing their own personalities. It was a very exhausting week for us, the volunteers but we had fun too plus everybody learns too!