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Mūsu brīvprātīgā Juliusa no Vācijas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā


My decision to go to Latvia for 11 Months as Volunteer in the European Voluntary Service was based on the idea to experience a life in a totally different country with a new culture, traditions and surroundings. I didn’t expect anything because I knew pretty much nothing about Latvia.

As soon as my airplane touched the ground, I looked out of my window and realised: Wow, now you are officially in Latvia. The first thing I recognised was the fresh and cold air in Riga. The second thing was the beautiful nature. I took a deep breath, looked once again towards the blue sky and took my first step out of the airport which symbolises my start in a new and different life.

After one night in Riga, I went on my way to Liepaja. The city looked really cool at first but after a while I realised that I’m living in a totally new surrounding now. You could call it “a little cultural shock”!

As soon as I unpacked my stuff I went out to go to the beach and once again I saw one of the most beautiful things I have seen in Latvia: The Baltic Sea.

After my two arrival days I finally learned more about my project: I am working in schools in the morning to give English and German lessons, while in the afternoon I am in Karosta to work with the Karosta Youth Union. Everything seemed okay until I found out that a lot of people spoke Russian and not Latvian. I thought, well it will be tough to learn Latvian and Russian at the same time, but than I realised I have the best teachers: The kids. Now, I’m looking forward to my work and my task, even if it will be hard to break that language barrier, but I’m always saying: Nothing is impossible!

I’m in Latvia for almost two weeks now and I can say I’m feeling more and more comfortable every day. I made new friends, found my sport places, learned how to cook, learned a little bit of Latvian and Latvian culture.

I want to summarise my first impression with one fact I learned at the first day and still can say today: Latvians are really nice and cool people!

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