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Noslēdzies projekts “Language mixer”

Noslēdzies projekts “Language mixer”




Ir noslēdzies viens no mūsu veiksmīgākajiem projektiem EBD jomā Language mixer. Šī projekta ietvaros 4. meitenes, Dalila no Spānijas, Nevena no Bulgārijas, Veronika no Čehijas un Helēna no Portugāles, strādāja biedrībā, organizējot pasākumus un mācot bērniem skolās un bērnudārzos praktisko angļu valodu. Lūk, ko par projektu saka pašas meitenes:


It is real challenge for me to describe my EVS in only some sentences. This EVS have been and experience of a lifetimeI  really believe that everyone should be out of their confort zone  to discover new things about the world and about themselves.

Sharing five month in Latvia with people from different backgrounds gave me the opportunity to learn about different countries, cultures and ways of life. This experience it has opened my mind and offered me new perspectives.

It was like a roller coaster carrying me up and down all the time. Even though this down moments the ride was completely worth it.


After 5 months in freezing Latvia my EVS is over. And it passed quicker that I could have ever imagine. If I should describe my EVS in a short motto I would go for „100 new experiences“. Every day happened something new, something surprising, something awesome and something challenging together. Combination of all this made my almost half year in Liepaja just unforgetable.

My project was about teaching kids and teenagers English language in non-formal way which I really enjoyed even though it was not always easy. It gave me free space to prepare different kinds of activities and games for them in different kinds of topics they were interested in. Like this every lesson was unique and special. Mostly even full of laugh and hugs from kids. That was the best part of all the project – the smiles and pure love from kids which gave me energy in a second. When I saw that they enjoy the lesson and are looking forward to have another one, it was priceless feeling.

So, to sum up my volunteering I have to say that I am grateful that this happened, that I became a volunteer because not only for the work I have done but mostly for the people I have met and for myself – this experience allowed my personal growth.

If I could I would have done it again without any hesitation and I would suggest everyone to do the same because you will learn new things about you, meet new amazing people from all over the world and plus all of this, you will do something what is worth it!



  • 1 windy beautiful city called Liepaja
  • A generous number of latvian children/youngsters
  • 4 girls eager to volunteer their time teaching kids
  • 1 hosting organization coordinated by two funny and hard-working people
  • 2-3 handfuls of events and new experiences
  • Generous amount of travelling around Latvian and neighbour countries
  • At least 40 new people (pick between other EVS volunteers, locals and students)
  • 1 pub named Fontaine
  • 2 cool coffee shops/restaurants (best results if you use Darbnica and Red Sun Buffet)
  • An average size obsession with Amber
  • A large size obsession with Riga Balsam and Hectors



Start by placing the volunteers in the new city, be sure they are from different countries and backgrounds and that they are not expecting to have as much fun as they will actually have.

Mixing together the volunteers and the children, cook slowly some english classes using non-formal methods of education and adding the support of the hosting organization.

Simmer for 5 months and, during the process, pour a lot of unforgettable experiences (dancing around the Livi tree, skating, theatres, Latvian events, climbing wall, parties,…), new friends from multiple countries and travelling.

Before serving simply sparkle some amber and Riga Balsam (preferably the currant version) and you’ve got an amazing dish that you’ll never forget.


I arrived in Latvia full of positive expectations and I am glad to say afterwards that all of them were fullfilled. The project that I participated in helped me develop my teaching skills, improve my English and grow personally. The Latvian children and students with whom I worked were motivated and eager to learn, so the work and communication with them was both pleasant and enriching for me, as well. The organisation LJV provided us with everything necessary to feel comfortable during our stay abroad – excellent accommodation conditions, language lessons in order to adapt faster and be able to communicate with the local people, any kind of advice, help and assistance at work and in our daily life. In Latvia I met wonderful people, not only the local ones, but also among the other volunteers, learned about different cultures. With a lot of these people that now are my friends, I am going to stay in touch even in the future. Besides, Latvia has a lot to offer on beautiful nature and interesting places to visit, so I recommend the project, the organisation and the country to anyone that would like an EVS abroad.

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