Biedra anketa

Pēdējās dažas nedēļas

In the last weeks happened a lot of things. Especially in case of preparing the summer children activities. Ronja and me were in schools and presented our program, gave leaflets and made small games in the classes. It worked really well and the children were amazed. It was a totally new experience for us and we took a lot from it.

My next highlight was a trip to Ziemupe with a school class. We planted trees and ate typical Latvian food. My task was to energize the kids and play some funny games during the spare time. My opinion about this day is really positive. The children enjoyed the time and the teachers could lean back for a moment.

At the 10th of May we were in Karosta to make an activity with the children in corporation with the organization there. The topic was: “children rights”. Therefore we played a special game where they talk about this topic. I liked this activity and it improved my Latvian skills.

Now we are looking forward to the next week, when the summer children activity starts.


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