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Portugāļu brīvprātīgā Luiša pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Portugāļu brīvprātīgā Luiša pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

EVS, Liepaja and Latvia: first impressions


After two weeks of EVS I can already say that I will probably try and collaborate in another project like this one. I was welcomed with open arms by my hosts, mentor and co-workers/volunteers and I’m very happy for being part of this project. Working with Kids has been a really good challenge with some good and easy days and others a little bit more harsh.


Liepaja is a small city much like my home town in Portugal where we can find everything we need without walking to much. It’s very cold and windy and there’s not that much people at night from a young adult prospective,  but I’ve been told that is better in the summer.


For now I didn’t have that much of a opportunity to visit other places in Latvia but I can’t wait to do it as well as visit other countries around the Baltic area.


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