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Portugāļu brīvprātīgā Rafaēla pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Portugāļu brīvprātīgā Rafaēla pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Hi! My name is Rafael Duarte Santos, I’m 25 years old and I’m Portuguese. I’m from Oeiras, a small place near the sea in Lisbon. I’ve finished my master’s degree in Social and Organizational Psychology last year.
My love for travelling, to meet new people and different cultures was one of my main motivations to apply to this EVS program. Besides that, I really hope this adventure can also be an introspective journey to find my own path in life.
Among other several activities as a volunteer, I worked with children in need. Moreover, I’m used to work with children since I was a boy scout for ten years of my life. So when the opportunity came, it was really easy for me to choose Latvia as my new home.
It was a bit hard to adapt: different cultures, different minds, different environment, new home…new bed. But all of that goes away once you actually forget the small things and take that ‘leap of faith’. Liepaja is a beautiful city (Karosta as well), city of wind, rock and fun.
As for the kids: they have eternal batteries attached to them, they will test your limits, but they are amazing and kind. That is my conclusion on my first week.
Even if it’s hard, exhausting and sometimes feel I have no real free time, I have to give back this feeling. This experience already showed me so much, but I still have space in my luggage. And I pretend to fill that space until the last day.DSC_0005(1)

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