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Portugāļu brīvprātīgās Sofijas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Portugāļu brīvprātīgās Sofijas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been in Liepaja and I can honestly say, no jokes around, that it has been one the most pleasant and surprising experiences of my life. I came with no expectations. I had no time to create them because the previous two weeks I had been in a youth exchange in Spain also from the Erasmus+ and I felt it like it was a short preparation for this but, still when I arrived I came with an empty head ready to be filled with everything even the shouting of kids. From the moment we arrived until now it has been has been spinning non stop with all that’s been happening around me. Maybe it’s from the cold because as we had the pleasure to realise in the first days Liepaja is one the coldest cities in Latvia and the windiest but also maybe the one with the kindest people. The organisation made us feel very warm and welcome in the first days and like we would never be alone here in any situation. What we feared the most was the first contact with the children wether they spoke good English if they would like us our activities but those fears quickly went away. Latvian children are educated in a friendly environment regarding foreigners and that is incredibly positive. It feels as if they are born already speaking english and with a very curious mind. Because of this, they make our “job” so much easier and fun. Even when its 0 degrees and we are outside at 10 am playing.
But we also have our free time and we decided to make the most of it by travelling a bit around Latvia and other surrounding countries and that is also why EVS is just a unbelievable experience. You are not just living in another country for the sake of it. You are doing something positive while immersing in a new culture and while doing so you are also presented with a great opportunity to travel and meet new places from a more local perspective. So far we have been a bit around Latvia and I had the opportunity to hitchhike for the first time here and fall a bit more in love with Latvian people and their hospitability.
As the day passes, I just confirm that my first impressions were more than right. For two months I will be living in a kind and beatiful country full of kind and beautiful people and I just hope to continue to have fun while trying to make others have fun too.14595786_1314435831902806_2227713728538008753_n

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