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Report from Karostas volunteers

eu_flag_progryia_lv-01As we (Orsi and Jule) not only work at Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi, but also at Karosta Kids, we want to let you know a little more about this organisation and our work. Karosta Kids is leaded by Tatyana Tarasova and is seperated in a Kids Center and a Youth Center. Both are for children/youngsters from disadvantaged families and social-risk backgrounds. Usually the kids up to the age of 15 years come to the Kids Center after school – approximately at 14:00. There they can do their homeworks and simply spend time with their friends and us or the other workers and groupleaders. They also get lunch everyday, what everyone enjoys a lot. The Center is appointed with a lot of toys and games and much equipment for handicrafts or drawing. Last week for example we made small puppets from felt and wadding or origami animals with the children. It is really great to work with those children and see how they have fun and develop theirselves with every small task!
The Youth Center is for youngsters from the age of 15 and older. It has a lot of sports equipment, such as a punching bag or a table tennis table. The youngsters meet for example every Tuesday evening to celebrate their „bible lesson“. Since some weeks we do national evenings every second week to develop their intercultural understanding. It is nice to see how interested they are and how many question they have about foreign countries!
Karosta Kids gets a lot of support from many sides. They have relations to Germany, Norway and other countrys were people care for the kids and donate money or other things. We are happy to be part of this organisation and to help where we can! Even if it is just for 9 months, we are looking forward to the future and all the time we can spend with the Kids of Karosta!



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