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Spāņu brīvprātīgā Ērika pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Spāņu brīvprātīgā Ērika pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

When I was studying my degree in accounting and finance my life was wanting a change in my life. In these moment I thought the possibility to travelling, discover new places, discover different cultures, other peoples and live new experiences to say that the world can offer me.

One day I received a call. It had the possibility to travel to Latvia. I thought not me, I prepared the suitcase and headed for the adventure.

The first flight took me to Madrid, need to wait five hours for the next flight, but I didn’t care. I was excited. Then I got on the next plane to Munich and the next to Riga. When I was travelling I saw the people, how was, their features, I was more excited.  I was already in Riga.

The first day it was a great and very different day of my life, it was my first without family and college friends. When I saw the Latvia’s capital my impression was awesome, the place where live is very new in comparison with Riga. Their culture, their walls, their streets. It was one of the best feeling of my life. Then I discovered the night life, it was amazing. A lot of life in this city, day and night. There was only a problem. Is very cold.

The next day I knew Ziggis. The person who will be mi tutor for along 2 months. I was a bit nervous. If he speaks and I don’t understand his accent? But it was no problem for me, I understood the most word of he tried to say me, and he tried to understand me, of course.

The next place, Liepaja. The place where I am living now. My first impression was a great city. No much cars, not traffic, not impolite people. I think is a good place to pass the time. The only problem for me, so cold. But I like so much to see lot of green places, Old builds, lots planes to do, people to know, definitively is a great place to stay.

The job is an opportunity to create your innovation, the opportunity to makes different things and also create news futures for kids in our proyect.

To finish this, I know how I can prove this city and see what will be the end of this story that now promises.14573014_10207695157079013_6225710253001686184_n

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