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Spāņu brīvprātīgās Dalilas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Spāņu brīvprātīgās Dalilas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Two weeks have passed since I decided to head to Latvia for my European volunteering service. Looking for a learning for life I landed in Liepaja, the city of the wind, where I am doing the project “ Language Mixer “ in Jaunie Vanagi organization. Specifically, the project is to teach practical English in schools and kindergardens in the area.

Although I have been here for a little time the experience has been very positive. The suitcase that I brought full of clothes and shoes to survive the winter is already empty, but is beginning to fill with good moments and experiences that I’m sure will serve me well.

New country, new customs, new co-workers … may sometimes not be easy but for me this experience is a great opportunity to learn at all levels, professionally and personally.

Everything goes very fast, perhaps is because things are going well, so I hope to continue enjoying Latvia, their people and discovering a little bit more of this interesting country.15349833_10211564475855426_2362439833481327937_n

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