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Spāņu brīvprātīgās Karinas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Spāņu brīvprātīgās Karinas pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Good vibes


In the last years, I have decided to do whatever I can, but always abroad. I have decided that for me it’s more important my own experience about everything. I don’t want to read facts, I want to know about them. I want to be the one who tell stories for others to read.

Any time, when I am packing for the next adventure, is different. You will never feel the same than the previous trip.

This time was not different than before. I feel the same nerves all the time. However, before arriving here, I didn’t know exactly everything about what we were going to do here. I thought I knew but, when I arrived, I realized I was wrong.


The first week, I discovered how different people could be, but also that shouldn’t be a wall for them to be a team or friends. I learned more about my work but also about my future, because even if it’s not connected with my career, this project is giving me a lot of experience in another ways. Those ways I like the most.

At the beginning, I was scared. But I just needed some hours for starting to feel comfortable with everything. I think the most important thing for me is to be able to talk loud and openly. And here that is totally possible.

After our training week, I was still scared but this time everything was about the main topic: the kids. In just one week and a half, I figured out the beautiful side about working with them. However, I’m still trying to discover how to deal with the difficulties, without making a mess. In my opinion, it is really a big challenge to do it every day.


In the first moment, I was not feeling sure about my decision of coming here. Right now, I am already thinking and planning to be volunteer again after, even when I am just starting this project. I really have high expectations. I feel really excited about the good things we could do things if we work together and try harder every week. I think we have a very good team, even if we are all dying of cold. We will find the way to make this project successful.


As my title says, good vibes everywhere! With my team, our coordinators and menthors. With the country (even with its weather), the program and the possiblity of discover new places. Now I am sure I won’t regret.


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