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Summer activities


Last week started the summer activities of LJV, which includes that we have from now on almost every week activities for children 4 hours each day.

Last week they were under the topic “Piedzivojums” – adventure. For that we started on the first day, after the rules, name games and group building games with an orientation game. Therefore, the children needed to find the way, which was marked by different wools and some characters of people who experienced adventures. After they had found each character we were talking with the children about those character and they also needed to fulfil a special task as e.g. to create a freedom statue, play a name game or even dance a song. The adventure characters were e.g. Robin Hood, Indiana Jones, Pippi Longsock, Ronja The Robber’s Daughter, Winnie Pooh and Peter Pan.

Afterwards each group needed to decide on one character which they showed in a small theatre play to the other group which then needed to guess the character.

On the second day we went to an excursion to the museum where they told the children a lot about the teddy bear. In the end everybody coloured a teddybear where we should colour in another more artistic way. 😉

On the third day the children went to 5 different stations which were all about adventures. On one station they should think which animal they could meet in their adventure and colour it. Another station was to dance a song of a different culture. The next station was to write down which problems could appear in a group on an adventure trip. Then there was a station where the children should create which things they could need to take when they’d go to an adventure.

After that we went to the playground in the park. The children had the chance to play there but we also played some games with them.

The fourth day started with some kind of treasure hunt. The pirates visited us leaders one day before and gave us a card which should lead the children to a wooden box after they fulfilled several tasks on their way. After they completed those tasks which were group building games and games to get to know the people better the children wrote a thank you letter to the pirates. They also folded ships with that letter and we put them for a small journey on a small lake. It was cool when all those paper ships went in the water and started to swim in the lake.

On the last day every child got a country by chance. Their task was to think about that country, to dress up as people in that country would dress up and to create a small theatre or dance alone or in small groups. They did that well and we soon had so many people of different nationalities in LJV office.. 😉

The small theatre plays and dances were then shown when the parent’s, relatives and friends arrived to the closing ceremony. There we also showed them  a video clip that they could get an imagination what happened during the whole “adventurous” week. 😉

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