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Turku brīvprātīgā Doģana pirmie iespaidi Latvijā

Turku brīvprātīgā Doģana pirmie iespaidi Latvijā


Mina sauc Doğan. Es esmu no Turcijas. I want say so much things latvian but I just learned these sentences. I think is enough for first week.

I really like this city. Before to come here, I was thinking how is it going? How is the life in Latvia? Weather is cold ? anyway I am here and we are almost in the middle of project. Next time I should choose long EVS project. 2 months are not enough to come Liepaja.
Its my first time to work kids but I have experience about outdoor activities and leadership process. I tried to share my experience to other volunteers and kids. I think I am success for that. We used some methods and techniques (ball factory, mission is possible, hunting game etc.)
I want to say something also about city and organizations. I have worked a lot of time in Erasmus + but I didnt heard about this association.Now, I really know them.
Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi is very good opportunity for Liepaja if someone use them.
Himmmmm…. For Liepaja. I am not sure to say somethings because I exactly dont know all city. I know some basic where. In autumn the city is cold and windy. I think you should to come here in the summer not autumun or winter 😂 City is cold but people is hot 😉 they are very helpful and kind.
I am really exciting to explain what did I learn here. I am looking forward to get a new experience. EVS is special on my Life ❤️
Best Wishes

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